Teresa Jamieson, one of the nine land claims activists arrested in Caledonia in September 2007 near a development called Sterling Woods, has been found not guilty of resisting arrest and mischief.

"If the arrest had been lawful I would have found you guilty on both counts," Justice J. Nadel told Jamieson in his ruling at a Cayuga courthouse.

At question throughout the trial was why some people at the site were arrested while others were not. Nadel said the Crown was unable to prove the validity of the arrest, leading to the not guilty verdict.

Draped in a purple and white-striped two row wampum flag, Jamieson made a brief statement in court after the judge's verdict.

"Do you recognize this, do you know what this is," Jamieson said to Nadel. "This is what our people agreed with the Queen."

She said the flag represents two legal systems- the Crown's and the onkwe ho:weh- running parallel, with neither overruling the other.

Jamieson was arrested along with nine other activists. Charges against seven have been dropped in previous rulings. Charges against Ron Cook have not been yet dealt with.